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June 21st, 2008

Great Lake Swimmers

Have you heard the “Great Lake Swimmers”? They’re an indie pop group out of Canada. Check them out in their song titled “‘Your Rocky Spine”.

“‘Your Rocky Spine”

The lyrics are below.

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June 20th, 2008

Amy Winehouse Cleared Of TB!

Soul singer Amy Winehouse has been officially cleared of the deadly infectious disease, Tuberculosis! Check out photos and video of the troubled star below.

amy winehouse 10
Amy Winehouse

From crack videos to public meltdowns Amy Winehouse just keeps running in the wrong direction. Hopefully the troubled songstress has reached the breaking point in what was a very serious health scare. Winehouse, who has been in the hospital since Monday, is officially not infected with Tuberculosis.

Doctors located at a private clinic located in Marylebone, London have officially ruled that Winehouse is negative and suffers from a chest infection. The infection is most likely due from a weak immune system. Her trip to the hospital came after the “Back To Black” singer fainted in her home.

No word yet on whether the singer will be healthy enough to fulfill her commitments as well as her planned performance at the British music festival Glastonbury.

“She would really love to do the show — she always wants to do these things. But she will listen to her doctors”, says rep Chris Goodman.

For more photos and a video of Amy Winehouse click below.

Photos and Video

June 19th, 2008

Michelle Branch: “Everything Comes and Goes”

The Wreckers might be on hold for now but Michelle Branch is still moving forward with her musical career. Her new solo album, “Everything Comes and Goes”, is due out this summer . Check out photos and video below.

michelle branch 1
Michelle Branch

Since her departure from the “Wreckers”, singer Michelle Branch has been working on a new album. Returning to her solo status, Branch’s new work is titled “Everything Comes and Goes”. Continuing on her path of country, the album she says is “a really natural progression from the Wreckers”.

“I think the Wreckers for me was just so much fun and I felt so at home with it that I really feel that`s my place now,” Branch said.

Due out this summer, “Everything Comes and Goes” is a collection of new tracks with a song dedicated to her daughter. Branch also says it’s influenced by her “break-up” with former partner of the “Wreckers”, Jessica Harp. She is currently working on some finishing touches right now.

For more photos of Michelle Branch click below.


June 19th, 2008

“F’N MTV” Hosted By Pete Wentz

MTV has decided to return to its original format at least on Fridays! Check out “F’N MTV” hosted By Pete Wentz. Video and photos below.

pete wentz 1
Pete Wentz

MTV just added another show to their schedule and no it’s not a reality series! The show titled “F’N MTV” will bring back the days of music videos with the help of rocker Pete Wentz. The Fall Out Boy had previously expressed his concern for the lack of videos being played on the music network.

“F is for feedback, N is for new, and together ‘F’N MTV’ is the summer music event that brings it all together. Starting in June, MTV will focus on exclusive NEW music video premieres, and via mtv.com, the instantaneous feedback from our audience and culture at large as they make the music their own,” said Brian Graden, President of Entertainment, MTV Music Group.

“F’N MTV” is now airing on Friday nights as a new summer special and will show off new artists performing live as well as videos. After the show, music fans will get to add their opinion of the up and coming musicians and already established acts via the web.

For more photos and video of Pete Wentz click below.

Photos and Video

June 18th, 2008

Julia Nunes: Hot New Musician

Have you seen the newest star from YouTube? Julia Nunes just signed on to open for Ben Folds! Check out her video and photos below.

julia nunes 3
Julia Nunes

Forget “American Idol”! YouTube is home of the latest star to hit it big, Julia Nunes. Only a college freshman in New York, Nunes’ songs played just to keep in touch with friends back home landed her a spot with Ben Folds. She is now the opening act for the star who left Ben Folds Five to work solo.

Julia Nunes is noted for her talented work with a ukulele, which won her the Bushman World Ukulele Contest, and guitar as well her unique homegrown lyrics. “Left Right Wrong” is her first cd released back in 2007.

For more photos and video of Julia Nunes click below.

Photos and Video

June 17th, 2008

Taylor Dayne Pleads No Contest!

Singer Taylor Dayne pleads no contest to reckless driving charges! Read about it and check out a video and photos below.

taylor dayne 6
Taylor Dayne

After her attempt at making a comeback in 2005, Taylor Dayne has grabbed headlines again! This time the pop princess, who is most remembered for her song “Tell It To My Heart”, is in the news for her previous bad behavior. Dayne was arrested for drunk driving on March 6th in Beverly Hills!

This past Monday, Dayne’s case was finally brought to the judge where she has been ordered to fulfill two years of probation after being charged with one count of reckless driving. Dayne also must attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving program. The singer’s lawyer pleaded no contest on her behalf. The forty-six-year old star did not make an appearance at the hearing.

For more photos and video of Taylor Dayne click below.

Photos and Video

June 16th, 2008

Coldplay: Viva La Vida Release

The time has finally arrived for the latest Coldplay album to hit the shelves tomorrow! Their latest work is titled “Viva La Vida”. Check out photos and videos below!

viva la  vida 1
Coldplay: Viva La Vida

“Viva La Vida”, meaning “Death and All His Friends”, is the latest album from the mystical and unique English rockers, Coldplay. The group, that has been together since 1997, has been cranking out hits since they hit it big with their debut album, Parachutes in 2000.

“I was feeling bad because I’m sure there are some 16-year-olds or kids who say they like Coldplay and then took some abuse for it on the playground,” Martin recently told The Hour’s George Stroumboulopoulos. “So I had a feeling about 18 months ago: I would really like to make them proud by trying to improve.”

Now on their fourth album, Chris Martin and his crew have produced an album said to be their best yet.

“Viva La Vida” consists of 10 tracks with 2 bonus songs. It is said to be a collection similar to their early work with a harder edge. It’s a rollercoaster ride from the first track, “Life in Technicolor”, to their last track titled “Death and All His Friends”. Check out “Violet Hill” below as well as “Viva La Vida”!

For more photos and video of Coldplay click below.

Photos and Video

June 14th, 2008


Have you seen who’s going to give Amy Winehouse a run for her money, if she’s conscious to notice! Check out photos and video of Duffy below.

duffy 1

Have you seen Duffy yet? Maybe you haven’t. She’s a newcomer who just landed on the music scene stuck in line behind the self destructive, headline hogging popstars splayed throughout millions of web pages! She is however making her way to the forefront with her killer style and soulful sound. Similar to the now fallen songstress Amy Winehouse, minus the drama and self incriminating videos, this twenty-three year old of Welsh decent has put together a debut album that isn’t too shabby at all!

Released back in March, Duffy’s new album is titled “Rockferry”. Working with Mercury records she managed to top the European album charts selling more than 700,000 copies. The album consists of 10 tracks including bonus songs. Check it out below.

For more photos and video of Duffy click below.


June 13th, 2008

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Back On

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are reportedly back on. No matter what happens in their love lives, these two always manage to make their way back to each other. See photos of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson below.

Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Tommy Lee and Motley Crue are getting ready for their summer CrueFest tour, which kicks off on June 22nd in Montreal, Canada. Rolling Stone Magazine caught up with the band to talk about the tour, and Tommy Lee let the cat out of the bag, telling the mag:

“Pamela and the kids have moved in with me. It’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working. You can tell on the kids’ faces — they’re happy when we’re together.”

Tommy and Pamela married back in 1995 and have two children, Brandon, who is 12, and Dylan, who is 10. The two divorced in 1998.

What does Pamela have to say about all this? She couldn’t be reached for comment, but is currently filming a series for E! Entertainment in London.

Hopefully, for the sake of their children, this time it will work out…

See more photos of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson below.


June 11th, 2008

Katy Perry “I Kissed a Girl” (Video)

Here is the hot new YouTube video of Katy Perry performing “I Kissed a Girl.” I love it! She is hot, and sexy, and in lingerie no less. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with Katy Perry?

Katy Perry
I Kissed A Girl (Video)

The lyrics of this hot video are below.

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