Do you want to join our music and/or other celebrity blogrolls? We get this request a lot. In the past we have attempted to accommodate everyone but our blogrolls are unfortunately getting really big.

As a good faith gesture, we ask that you link to us somewhere to one of our posts, any post, and then send an email requesting we evaluate your site for reader interest.

Write editors(at)rightcelebrity(dot com).

We cannot guarantee we will accommodate every request, but we will certainly review your blog for consideration giving preference to quality blogs regardless of pagerank. Sorry, absolutely no pornographic blogs can be considered!

Further, we view blogrolls as simply the beginning of a relationship and not the most important aspect of it. We link a lot try to help our friends. So if you do regular blog roundups like we do, include us and we will try to include you whenever we find content that adds value for our readers.

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Street Knowledge Media
The Median Sib
These Boots Are Made for Stalking
Pop Awesome
Hollywood Dame

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