It’s been one heck of a weekend for Justin Bieber as the teen heartthrob performed in Australia. It seems like the Biebs is beloved everywhere, except for down under, because he was pelted with eggs during a performance on Friday!

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While he performed on stage at the ACER Arena in Sydney over the weekend, an aerial egg assault put a damper on a Justin Bieber concert when half a dozen eggs appear to drop from above onto the stage during his performance.

Being the smooth mover that he is, it looks like JB managed to avoid getting hit with any of the eggs, and simply shimmied and shook out of the way. He didn’t even flinch, and kept on singing and dancing as crew worked to clean up the mess!

I know if I was singing in front of thousands of people that an attempted egging would certainly throw me off, but Bieber doesn’t miss a beat! And how exactly does one smuggle at least 6 eggs into a concert? I have heard of the old “hide your camera in your sock” trick to avoid having cameras turned away, but eggs?

Also, to add to the drama of the weekend, he Tweeted the possibility of stopping in at some screenings of his film Never Say Never that is still playing in Australian theaters, effectively setting young moviegoers into a frenzy. He also was deemed a “security risk” on a flight when he and his bodyguard walked to the bank of the plane before takeoff. Poor Biebs!

Justin Bieber has been plagued with incidents like this since he left for his world tour a couple months ago. After rumors of cancellation, riots, and now eggs and travel problems, lets hope things start to get better for him as he continues his tour!

What do you guys think of Justin Bieber getting egged in Sydney this weekend? Let us know what you think and check out this video of the incident below!

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