80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield was busted for a DUI over the weekend. He was booked and eventually released on bail but what caused the LAPD to pick up the singer?

Rick Springfield

It looks like rocker Rick Springfield hasn’t learned the whole don’t drink and drive concept as he was arrested over the weekend for suspicion of driving drunk in LaLa Land. Really Rick you are 61-years old and have lots of money you couldn’t call a cab, I am just saying. According to TMZ, the cops pulled over Rick at around 8PM on Saturday for what was assumed to be a normal traffic violation, turns out it wasn’t. The car apparently reeked of booze which of course prompted the cops to give Springfield a number of sobriety tests that he ultimately failed. Once he failed the tests the ‘Jessie’s Girl’ singer was taken to jail but released on a $5,000 bail shortly after he was busted.

I am a huge fan of Rick’s have been since he played Noah Drake on General Hospital all those years ago. He is an amazing singer and actor there is no doubt about that. However can I just say WTF Springfield why would you drink and drive, why would anyone for that matter. Sorry got a little preachy there but it had to be said. So what is next for Rick well a hearing or plea depending on what route he decides to go either way I hope he learned his lesson. I also hope that he has not found himself in the same sort of depression he talked about in his recent memoir Late, Late At Night, which if you haven’t read I highly recommend you do. Springfield has had quite a life that is for sure.

Rick Springfield is the latest celebrity to be busted for a DUI, here is hoping that this growing trend stops soon!

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