On Sunday evening, Kid Rock was honored by the Detroit NAACP during its annual fundraising dinner and there are many people that are baffled for the recognition that he is receiving. So is it because he is a white boy or is there valid reasoning behind the protesting? We’ve got the details on why he was honored and what people think about this!

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Sure he may have used the Confederate flag during one of his on-stage performances, but Kid Rock claims that he did not mean to slam blacks. In fact during the Fight for Freedom Fund dinner at Cobo Center, Kid Rock declared, “I love America. I love Detroit, and I love black people.”

Outside of the event where Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) picked up his Great Expectations Award from the Detroit NAACP, there were picketers fuming mad that Ritchie was being honored. The flag that Ritchie used during one of his concerts is offending people due to his symbol of racism. With that being said, the group of picketers took a cigarette lighter to a replica flag in protest.

Even though others were honored at this event, all eyes were on Richie because of his controversial antics. However NAACP president Wendell Anthony defended their choice to honor Ritchie saying that Ritchie has been a wonderful example and representation of the city of Detroit. Anthony explained, “We’re not lifting up the flag. We’re lifting up a gentleman who has worked very hard to be a booster for Detroit.”

However Adolph Mongo, a Detroit political rep said that for Kid Rock to be honored is hypocritical. Of the flag, Mongo said that “It stands for hatred, bigotry, racism, murder. Every bigot and racist in this country loves that flag.”

During his acceptance speech, Ritchie made it clear that he did not mean to wave the flag in hate. He explains, “I’ve never flown that flag with any hate in my heart. Not one ounce.”

And with that being said, Kid Rock announced that he is proud to donate $50,000 to various charities in Detroit including Habitat for humanity, youth programs and recreation centers. In addition, he threw a big fat donation of $50,000 to those affected by the ravaging tornadoes in the South.

He added, “That’s what Detroit city is all about. We’re fortunate enough that we haven’t been touched by Mother Nature like our friends in the South have.”

So what DO you think? Should Ritchie have been honored?

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