So this week was all about Carole King! The American Idol Top 6 totally sang their hearts out for a chance to advance in the competition! Who were your favorites tonight? It really comes down to, who IS in it to win it?

James Durbin

Tonight is crucial as the competition gets closer to its grand finale! With the Top 6 performances tonight, your votes are a must! If you want to keep your favorite in the competition, get on your phones!

Tonight was off the chain! For me, each contestant was definitely bringing it! Top performance of the night goes to…James Durbin! Just as Randy said, he may have already won this. And I totally agree with Jennifer. There hasn’t been a week where James has not performed his best. The man is so incredibly gifted to work that stage and present such a stage presence that kinda makes you feel as if you are already in concert! He totally rocked his rendition of Believe in Humanity with his slow but smooth entry into a rockin’ performance! Not only IS he rocker but a very talented singer altogether.

Next up, I’d have to say that Miss Haley Reinhart definitely brought it with growl and all. Tonight she sang Beautiful, and it was everything in the sense. You can tell that girlfriend wants this bad. Surprisingly, Haley has consistently been in the bottom three throughout this competition, and she has come out of her funk. Not only does she seem more confident but she is proving to America that she’s done jerking our chains, she is in it to win it!

America’s favorite cowboy Scotty McCreery serenaded us with Smackwater Jack. And let me tell you, he was amazing! With his deep tone and smooth sound, Scotty killed it tonight! I may have just gone country, now where’s my horse?! No seriously, Scotty is great. He’s in the moment.

And who brought Ricky Suave tonight? Well who other than Casey Abrams! He totally dressed the part with his stellar hat and killer dance moves, even though his performance wasn’t as smooth, it was entertaining to say the least. What did you think? Too much growl or not enough bark? Regardless, he is a one of a kind, that’s for sure! Not to mention, you never know what that jazzy cat is going to sing, which by the way, he did fantastically with Carole King’s I Feel the Earth Move.

For me, the bottom two (in my opinion) would have to go to Jacob Lusk You’ve Got a Friend and Lauren Alaina’s You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman. Is it just me or are these contestants—who used to be a favorite of mine—just fading out in the spotlight? Could it be overconfidence that has taken over? Whatever it may be, they really need to be giving it their best each and every week!

In the end, it’s America that votes and decides who will stay and who will go? Be sure to get your vote on and tune in tomorrow for eliminations! It is then that we will know who are our American Idol Top 5! On with the show!

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Haley Reinhart 1 1Scotty McCreery 2 1Casey Abrams 3 1 2Lauren Alaina 4 1Jacob Lusk 5

Photos: Nelson/FayesVision