It seems that the song ‘Friday’ is not going anywhere, in fact it just keeps getting more popular. The latest crew to do a video to the tune is some Dancing With The Stars peeps and a former American Idol contestant. It may seem redundant but not this time oh no the video is a must see, which you can do right here.

Chelsea Kane

Chelsea Kane, Mark Ballas, Lil’ Romeo, Chelsea Hightower and Pia Toscano took a little break from dancing or in Pia’s case visiting a dancer, to do their own version of that ridiculous song ‘Friday’. It is Kane who kicks things off with Mark joining in on a beatbox soon after. Pretty soon Lil’ Romeo and Hightower get their groove on as well. Pia comes in towards the end.

I have watched this video a few times and it is hysterical even though it is not shot very well but that is beside the point. The song annoys me so bad but yet with this crew belting it out it made me laugh out loud. It is clear that they are all having a blast and needed a little a break from their day. I know nothing about Chelsea Kane so I was quite impressed with her voice and of course Lil’ Romeo always brings the jam. If you haven’t seen the video then you really should watch it because it is highly entertaining.

Before you do though can we take a second and chat about Ms. Toscano being involved in this little ditty. Now many are going to say she was there to see Ballas which could very well be true but remember she is going to be on the show so she might just have been there for rehearsals. I however am thinking she and hunky Mark are little more than friends. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it, what is yours?

Mark BallasChelsea HightowerLil   RomeoPia Toscano

Photos: Tanner/Fayesvision/Apega/Nikki Nelson