Welcome to the debut of a feature I like to call 90’s Rewind. Though it only seems like yesterday that we were jamming out on our boom boxes to Mmm Bop by Hanson and Zing-a-zing-ah-ing with the Spice Girls, it has been over twenty years. Yes, already! Ahhh, the memories. With this feature, I hope to entertain you all and bring you back to a place in your life where the memories will start flooding back (hopefully good ones). From frosted jeans to Sun-In, the fashion trends were hideous, but the music was epic. Check out my ultimate favorite song and video from the 90s: Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day (featuring the fabulous Boyz II Men).

Mariah Carey 1 2

Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day featuring Boyz II Men was THE number one song of its time. In fact, it pretty much ruled the Billboard charts for weeks. And when I say weeks, I mean a ton of them. More specifically, sixteen weeks. So big congratulations to Mariah on her second single from her highly successful Daydream track to be the longest running number one song in Billboard chart history. I’m not so sure that will ever happen again. It’s possible, but the song better be phenomenal.

Ok so while the song was legendary, the video was simple and almost forgettable. Unless you enjoy watching musical artists collaborating and filming themselves singing in a studio, then the lack of visual creativity for the song will satisfy you, but who needs a high budget video when you’ve got Mariah and the Boyz? Exactly.

An interesting tidbit about this song is that it was performed at the memorial service for the late Princess Diana back in 1997. What a fitting tribute!

Just in case you want to sing along, check out the lyrics to the song here. You might as well break out those suspenders for those knit skirts you have hanging out in your closet from the good old days to heighten the nostalgia.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the Mariah Carey One Sweet Day video. Grab your box of Kleenex. This one gets me every time.

Stay tuned for the next edition of 90’s Rewind coming at you next week!

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Photos: Patricia Schlein/www.wenn.com