Well look who is going country, none other than Lady Gaga herself. Today she released what is being called the Country Road Version of her hit song ‘Born This Way’.

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Who knew that Gaga had a little bit of country in her and that she would share it with us? The singer known for her out there antics and killer music released the new tune for her ripped off Madonna song via Twitter today. It is actually quite good as I have been jamming out to it since I first listened to it, which if you haven’t heard it yet you can check it out below. I would recommend it.

Personally I like it much better than the pop one. Before you all tear me a part let me explain. I am a huge Madonna fan so I have an issue with the original version which is totally like Madge’s Express Yourself’, yes I know this has all been said before. However the newly released tune of ‘Born This Way’ with a little acoustic and twang doesn’t sound as much like a rip off. It has a great cool sound that isn’t too twangy for you non-country loving folks.

I will give props to the Lady for switching this up to give not only her fans different sounds to listen to but also it is a great way to perhaps attract some fans who may not have otherwise been interested in your song. I mean just by the new title it is pretty obvious what audience she is trying to market. There is something to be said about that so I wanted to shout that out. And just to be clear I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga I think she is awesome I just have issues with her new song because well you know I already said it above.

So my friends what do you think about the tune or remixed tune I guess would be a better way of putting it?

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