Tonight is eliminations for your American Idol Top 12 – question is…who will be going home tonight? You best be getting your vote on ‘cuz tonight, someone will be leaving center stage.

Pia Toscano

Yep, it will be the end of the road for one unlucky contestant…but it is what it is AND the show must go on! It’s up to America to get it right…did you?

For me, last night was just kind of an off night for me. Did anyone else feel that way? There were a few contestants who really did sing their heart out with this week’s theme, “sing a song from the year you were born”. When I critique the singing hopefuls, what I tend to look for is consistency. Is there one contestant that is always consistent with their performances? Well, I’ll tell you what, Pia Toscano seems to be the leading lady. She has amazed me each and every episode. I think she is the one to beat. Not to mention, she is the whole package, a star in the making! She delivered her own rendition of Whitney Houston’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go, and she nailed it, it was incredible! The way she can take control of her voice and stage just draws you in.

Jacob Lusk, another fan favorite is so passionate about his music, so much so that he makes me want to go to church! Man, can he sing! He presented America with his version of Alone by Heart. This time, it wasn’t just a gospel geared ballad but a blast from the past that certainly had me up and moving! Not just because I am a huge fan of Heart, but definitely a fan of Jakes. He can move a mountain with his voice!

Also, the competition would not be complete without fellow rocker James Durbin who killed it with Jon Bon Jovi’s I’ll Be There For You. Even though this wasn’t his best performance, he still did rock that stage. I just hope that he doesn’t fall into the category of over-confidence. We all know that he can sing, but I think he was a bit off last night with his performance. How about you?

Last but not least, who deserved the best of the night? Sounds to me that it may be one of the wild cards, Stefano Langone. He may have got me convinced that he was a safe save. In fact, he continues to prove himself each week. He serenaded his fans with Simply Red’s If You Don’t Know Me By Now, which was hands down, a super job on his part. I was pleasantly surprised since I have never really been a fan, so KUDOS to you my latin love, you just earned a spot in one of my faves!

The other contestants song choices begging for your votes:
Naima Adedapo What’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner
Paul McDonald Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues by Elton John
Thia Megia Colors of the Wind the theme song from Pocahontas
Haley Reinhard I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston
Scotty McCreery Can I Trust You With My Heart by Travis Tritt,
Karen Rodriguez Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dayne
Casey Abrams Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
Lauren Alaina I’m The Only One by Melissa Etheridge

Tonight is crucial. It is eliminations! I hope you cast your vote so that we can send the right one home packin’! On with the show!

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Leave us your thoughts on tonight’s episode with your American Idol Top 12 in the comment box! So long!

James Durbin 1Stefano Langone 2Jacob Lusk 3Paul McDonald 4Naima Adedapo 5
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