There is always at least one in the family and Alison Carey Scott, Mariah Carey’s sister, is that hot mess. While many of MC’s hardcore fans have known for years about Alison’s troubled life, more of the details of her horrific day to day activities are being publicly revealed. Not only has Alison been arrested twice for prostitution, she is HIV positive. More details and photos below.

alison scott carey

She’s the sister of one of the most famous and successful musical artists of our time, but Alison Carey’s personal extracurricular activities has displaced her from her family. And really, who wants to be the enabler?

It seems being arrested two times for prostitution wasn’t enough to learn her because Mariah Carey’s sister has revealed to the National Enquirer that she is selling herself as an “adult escort” because she is strapped for cash. But get this, she isn’t a prostitute. Hello, hand job professional!

Alison told the tabloid, “You have no idea how badly I need cash right now. But I’m not having ’sex for money’! I provide personal companionship and erotic body rubs. For weeks, I was driving in a vehicle with practically no brakes. It was unsafe, so I reached out to my family for help, but they basically ignored me. I wish I didn’t have to make a living by hooking up with strangers on the Internet, but sometimes I feel like I don’t have any other choice. Regardless of how it might appear, I am trying very hard to turn my life around. I’ve been clean and sober for 14 months. I attend drug and alcohol support meetings, receive counseling and have a sponsor to lean on. I’m also enrolled in college, which I hope will someday provide a better life and financial independence.”

Despite her sister’s success, Alison has clearly lived life on the opposite end of the spectrum. After Alison’s parents Alfred and Patricia Carey divorced, Alison moved with their father, while Mariah lived with their mother. At the age of 15, Alison became pregnant. A year later she dropped out of high school and got married to the father of her oldest son, Shawn. It was soon after that drug use became a habit and Alison’s life started the downward spiral. It was a couple years after she gave birth to her son Michael, she contracted HIV.

During this time, Mariah was a star on the rise after Brenda K. Starr introduced her to Tommy Mottola. As Mariah became a multimillionaire, Alison continued drug use and engaged in prostitution for cash.

It is said that Alison has been to rehab at least ten times, with Mariah financing many of those stays. However, it was in 2002 when their father Alfred became sick that the entire family became fed up with Alison’s lifestyle and pretty much let her go.

So, so sad!

I know what you are thinking. Wasn’t Alison gifted as a singer like her mama and sister? You be the judge. Check out the video of Alison Scott Carey singing below!

alison scott carey