For those of you who missed the Rihanna Grammys 2011 performance, or should I say performances, you missed out on a couple of the best stage performances of the evening. Not only did Rihanna and Drake perform What’s My Name together, but RiRi took the stage with Eminem for a powerful Love the Way You Lie performance. We’ve got the videos and more on what Rihanna wore here!

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Rihanna, in my opinion, was the one put to work on the biggest night in music last night February 13th, 2011. And it all started with a fabulous red carpet walk where we got to see the most talked about fashion piece of the night (after Gaga’s eccentric egg entrance), the Rihanna Grammys dress. Riri mixed classy with a bit of sassy as she rocked a white gown by Jean Paul Gaultier. Where can I get mine?

But all eyes were on the pop diva when she hit the stage with a powerful performance with Eminem. The duo performed their hit song Love the Way You Lie. Considering RiRi wasn’t even sure if she was going to take the stage due to a bout of bronchitis and laryngitis, she performed almost flawlessly. And let me just say that the dress she was wearing for this particular performance was to die for!

And that song with Drake? Wow. The red-haired songstress got a little flirty and dirty with Drake on stage. It was hot and enough to make Drake blush a little bit.

Check out the Rihanna Grammys performance below, including Rihanna and Drake Grammys song What’s My Name and Rihanna and Eminem Grammys performance of Love the Way You Lie. It was definitely Rihanna’s night to show off her skill, despite her illness.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Did Rihanna rock or what?

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Photos: Adriana M Barraza/