There was no doubt that the Miley Cyrus AMA performance would have people talking as the singer was guaranteed to not disappoint while pushing the envelope. However many of us did not expect from Miley what we saw at this year’s show. Keep reading and you can find out about all about it, there are also pictures and a video for you to check out too.

Miley Cyrus

According to TMZ, Miley Cyrus’ AMA performance was initially going to be the classic Poison song Every Rose Has Its Thorn. However after the scandalous rumors that her mother Tish had an alleged affair with Bret Michaels, who wrote and sang the famous song, Miley decided to go with another song.

Miley performed the song Forgiveness and Love and it was so not what fans expected from Cyrus. In fact tonight she was quite tame and her outfit was well actual clothing. This is a far cry from her usual antics like for instance her wearing some sort of inappropriate outfit that is way too revealing for someone her age to wear. Plus whatever she does on stage will usually push the envelope because that is what Cyrus does as her desperate quest to shed her good girl Disney image continues. This time though I hate to say it but it was none of those things plus she was pretty good, although she seemed to be channeling Stevie Nicks. It was a show like we have never seen before from Cyrus in my opinion.

Miley Cyrus’ AMA performance was highly anticipated and had many like myself wondering what will Miley do this time. I have made it no secret that I am not a huge fan of Cyrus’ but at the same time I couldn’t wait for her to take the stage because say what you want about her but the girl is entertaining. If you missed the show never fear you can watch the video of Miley doing her thing at the show below. As always let me not only know what you think is going to happen at the show but of course what you think of Miley’s performance.

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Photos: Wilson/Dominic Chan/Apega