Why was Wiz Khalifa arrested? Khalifa, also known as Cameron Thomaz, was taken into custody after his tour bus was raided. So just what was found on their bus? Read more about the incident and check out the mugshot photo here!

wiz khalifa

When was Wiz Khalifa arrested? And why, you ask? Well to fill you all in, Mr. Khalifa was busted early on November 9th, 2010 on his tour bus. East Carolina University police were keeping their eyes and ears on Wiz and his crew after a performance. Apparently sources are saying that the police smelled marijuana just sifting from Wiz’s tour bus.

It was after that Wiz was questioned and busted right there on the scene.

While Wiz is publicly not shy about his supposed $10,000 a day marijuana habit, I am assuming that Wiz thought it was best to let the police have their raid.

So what was found? According to a source, about 2 ounces of marijuana was found resulting in Wiz to be charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor charge of possession.

Luckily for Thomaz he was able to post $300,000 bond to be released from jail.

But as a wise Wiz once said, “There was times when we didn’t have food in the house and this and that, but we was never all the way down and out. My moms taught me how to stick in there. It’s a combination of all of that. Also, because I’m an old soul. I’m young, but … that’s why they call me Wiz. They call me Young Wiz because I’m wise beyond my years. I just put it all together. I got a lot of hard work to do, so I just stick to that.” And smoking the ganja.

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wiz khalifa