Have you heard the Rihanna Raining Men featuring Nicki Minaj song lyrics? How not surprising to know that Riri has hooked up with Nicki! Who hasn’t Minaj worked with this year should be the question. At any rate, we’ve got it here for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check out the hots pictures and video of the girls here!

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The Rihanna Raining Men featuring Nicki Minaj song lyrics are hot! While we’ve heard some of Rihanna’s more pop singles for her soon-to-be released album Loud, we now get a taste of some of that fun dancehall reggae sound that takes the Barbados-born Riri back to her roots. Add in one of the most sought-after collaborators of the year, Miss Minaj, and you have one interesting collaboration.

In the hit song Raining Men, which doesn’t include any sample from that fierce disco hit by The Weather Girls, Riri and Nicki do not disappoint. So could it possibly be a single? With the fierceness that is Minaj, for sure!

The down side is that unfortunately Riri gets a tad immature by incorporating a nursery rhyme into her lyrics (listen and see if you know which one I am talking about), but hey, once Nicki hits the mic we quickly forget about the silly nursery rhyme referencing.

About her upcoming album release Loud versus her previous album Rated R, Rihanna says, “A lot has — I won’t say changed, but a lot has evolved since then. A lot of growing up, a lot of responsibility in terms of taking control of my business and stuff like that.”

Rihanna’s album Loud hits store on November 16th, 2010. Will you be checking it out?

Check out the lyrics to the new track here!

Check out the Rihanna Raining Men featuring Nicki Minaj song below and let me know what you think.

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