Meet Rick Dufay, Minka Kelly’s father. Of course you all know Kelly for her hot celebrity relationships, including her current role as Derek Jeter’s girlfriend, and her good looks (she was recently named the Sexiest Woman Alive). But, did you know that her father is also someone famous? Read more about Dufay and see photos of him here!

Rick Dufay, Minka Kelly’s father, is a former member of Aerosmith. I bet you didn’t know that! Sure we hear about his daughter Minka and see her beautiful face on covers and in spreads of magazines, but did you know that she comes from a family of celebrities? Minka’s dad Dufay was a member of the rock band Aerosmith in the year 1980 and eventually went on to release his own solo album titled Tender Loving Abuse.

We all know how rough of a time Steven Tyler had back in the day with addiction. But in case you don’t remember the Behind the Music, Rick stood by the front man as a support for the rock and roll addict. When Aerosmith was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Dufay was not included in that honor, however Tyler made sure to thank Rick who was stood by his side during tough times.

After leaving Aerosmith, Dufay moved on to other things. About his departure he said that he “Took the first couple of years to finish using and finally kick heroin. A record company gave Jack and I $35K to make some demos but we snorted it all. I finally went to St. Martin to kick heroin once and for all. When I got back to NY, Steven called me. He had heard I was trying to clean up. A mutual friend had come by to visit me right after I got back and even gave me $100 cause I was flat broke. I had spent every last dime I had to get off dope. I bought food with the money, which I guess convinced him I was serious about getting clean, and he told Steven. I was still pretty sick though. I knew I couldn’t stay in NY. As it ends up, the label flew me to Paris in ’87. From there I moved to London and lived there for three years. The ‘Written in Stone’ recordings took about a year and half in total including demos, writing, etc.”

Dufay got involved with Las Vegas showgirl Maureen Kelly and they gave birth to Minka. It was just two years ago that Maureen passed away.

Did you know that Rick Dufay was Minka Kelly’s father?