Meet Lucie Zolcerova (often misspelled Lucy Zolcerova) Michael Grimm’s girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. Even though the Mississippi native won America’s Got Talent and a one million dollar check, Grimm is making sure that his girlfriend who has stuck by his side for three years continues to be with him for his life journey. Read more about the proposal on Ellen DeGeneres Show and see photos here!

Lucie Zolcerova is no longer Michael Grimm’s girlfriend. She is about to be his wife! The America’s Got Talent winner asked Zolcerova to be his wife on Thursday’s taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show that is set to air on Friday September 17th, 2010.

According to her Facebook bio, Lucie describes herself as “Or in a nutshell… I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. I work as a musical theatre performer, print model, spokesmodel for American Honda, massage therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner. I have a wide range of interests, so I try not to tie myself down to any one job.”

It was during the interview with Ellen that Michael called up Lucie from the audience. He then proceeded to get down on one knee to propose and in case you were wondering…she said “yes”!

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He recently told the New York Daily News that he planned on popping the question. He said, “That’s my girl and I’m not going to let that one go.”

While he probably wasn’t surprised that Lucie would agree to being his bride, he was in shock that he won the champion title of America’s Got Talent over youngster Jackie Evancho. He explained, “I was so prepared to bow out – the biggest nightmare was standing next to her on stage – I knew she was going to win. I just never thought of winning this.”

Check out Lucie Zolcerova accept moving on from being Michael Grimm’s girlfriend to becoming his bride below. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.