Oh baby! Jennifer Turner, Josh Turner’s wife is expecting baby number three! The country star family will add to their beautiful brood harmoniously early next year. Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video right here!

Jennifer Turner

The couple proudly announce the upcoming birth of their third child! Yay for babies and yay for country music! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

As a biography, Jennifer (Ford) Turner is most-known as Josh Turner’s wife. Jennifer Turner met Josh at a vocal training program in 2003. Jennifer can be seen traveling with Josh, singing background vocals and playing the keyboard. They later married and together, have two children. On October 6, 2006 they welcomed Hampton Otis Turner and on June 26, 2009 Colby Lynch Turner was born. The couple can be seen in her husband’s very romantic music video “Your Man” Josh’s hit single.

According to Jennifer’s country superstar hubby, this happy baby news comes as no surprise. I guess the country singer had a hunch that Jen could be carrying a bundle even after a pregnancy test proved negative.

So…when Josh Turner’s wife revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant, he simply replied with an “I told ya so!” Haha. The 32-year old singer says of fatherhood:

“I come from big families – my momma was the oldest of three and my daddy was one of six – and I’ve always loved children. They bring a lot of joy to the world and they make us adults look at things in a better way. So it’s a natural thing for me and Jennifer.”

New baby Turner will join his big brothers Hampton and Colby. Even though the couple jokingly comment that they “may need a bigger bus” they have adjusted well to life on the road. Regarding bringing their beautiful brood along, they say:

“We couldn’t leave them behind, so we adjusted as we went along. It works out real good, because when we are out there on stage, she has a job and I have a job. Then on the bus we both have jobs to do. We work as a team, but we’re best friends and co-workers. And we know when that time comes when we need to take a break from each other, and we know when the opposite is true. It’s been a learning experience, but we are better together.”

Aren’t they the cutest? I couldn’t be happier for this incredible family. Congratulations to Jennifer Turner, Josh Turner’ wife, the country star and their entire growing family! You may leave your congrats for them in the comment box and see photos and a video clip of the couple in the singer’s video, “Your Man”.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson