Gary Levox is the Rascal Flatts lead singer. For ten years, Levox and his other two band mates Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney have been rockin’ the stage, entertaining fans and picking up awards and accolades year after year. Read more about the group and photos and video of Levox here.

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Meet Gary Levox, the Rascal Flatts lead singer. Levox was born in Columbus, Ohio on July 10, 1970, which makes him to be 39 years of age. After Gary graduated from high school, he went on to college and spent a lot of his time working for the Ohio Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

Levox married his wife Tara in 1999. They have two beautiful daughters, Brittany (born August 26, 2000) and Brooklyn (born March 21, 2004).

So how did Gary decide music was the journey to take? Gary’s second cousin (and future Rascal Flatts member) Jay DeMarcus convinced him to move out to Nashville back in 1997. (DeMarcus already had himself a record deal with a Christian band and had been living out in Nashville since 1992.)

While DeMarcus and Levox played music together, DeMarcus met Joe Don Rooney while playing in Chely Wright’s band. It was one night while Levox and DeMarcus were set to play a club gig when their guitarist bailed out. It was then that DeMarcus called up Rooney to fill in. From there on out the chemistry they experienced as a band was phenomenal and the birth of Rascal Flatts was inevitable.

The guys were signed to Lyric Street Records in the year of 1999 and the rest is history. After successful album after album, the awards keep stacking up and to this day the music continues to inspire.

Gary Levox made the best decisions of his life to move out to Nashville to pursue his dreams out on a whim.

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