Stop hating and start vibing. Find a list of the top ten John Mayer songs below.

John Mayer

Is it possible that the controversial statements that John Mayer made during his interview with Playboy are being taken a little bit out of context?

John Mayer may be one of the most talented musicians ever, but lately he has become better known for his self-described stupid mouth. No one denies (not even him) that he’s said some things that could be considered offensive to others over the years, but why are those the statements that seem to linger in our minds? As I recall John has also said and done some terrific things since his rise to fame, but some how this scandal obsessed nation still manages to forget that.

Around eight years ago the Blues aficionado began a charity called “Back To You,” which according to raises money for health care, education, the arts, and talent development through auctions of exclusive John Mayer items, such as guitar picks, t-shirts, and signed CDs.

Did you know that he is eco-friendly, and has done a lot to support the ‘Green’ movement? Click here to learn more.

Who performed at a free concert held at Virginia Tech after the massacre back in 2007? You guessed it John Mayer did, along with the Dave Matthews Band, Phil Vassar, and Nas. Not to mention the numerous other benefits and telethons that he has performed at for one philanthropic cause or another.

Despite all the good he has done for both charity and music people are reportedly protesting outside some of his concerts. According to an African-American protester, outside the Verizon Center in Washington, DC had the following to say about the “Waiting on the World to Change” Singer:

“John Mayer should not get a free pass to come to the District of Columbia for his racist and bigoted and sexist comments. He needs to be in jail.”

Jail? Kind of harsh, eh?

In an effort to remind everyone out there why this man is really famous, here is my list of the top 10 best John Mayer songs:

10. Your Body is a Wonderland
9. Daughters
8. Heartbreak Warfare
7. No Such Thing
6. St. Patrick’s Day
5. Daughters
4. 3×5
3. Why Georgia
2. Belief
1. Waiting on the World to Change

Check out pictures and also videos for my top three John Mayer songs plus a bonus video below.

John Mayer John Mayer John Mayer John Mayer

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