American idol fans are wondering: who will be Simon’s Idol replacement? We have a list of top ten Simon Idol replacements here so check it out and tell us what you think!


American Idol will not be the same with out Simon Cowell, but it seems we don’t have a choice. The snarky judge has announced that this is his last season. So fans are left wondering: Who will replace him.

There is no doubt, it has to someone good. Someone with a snarky, strong personality or it just won’t work. So here at Right Music, we came up with our own list of potential replacements. Check it out and tell us what you think. Feel free to leave your candidate in the comment section below. We need to hear your voice!

The list is in no particular order.

• Paula Abdul – she has the experience and a fan following for the show already. But will her slurry words work in place of Simon’s heartlessness? Plus, there are rumors she is going on to X factor with Simon.
• Diddy – its about time he moved to prime time.
• Larry Rudolph – if he can get Britney’s career back on track, he can do anything.
• Conan – he may be in the need of a job soon…
• Sharon Osbourne – who doesn’t love this loud mouthed sassy momma!
• Heidi Montag – I mean she is releasing an album that “compares to ‘Thriller.’” That has to mean something, right?
• Perez Hilton – he does have a good musical ear, and he is definitely snarky.
• The entire Jersey Shore cast – where aren’t these kids these days? And we know they can fight!
• Jessica Simpson – so when ratings fall we have someone to blame.
• Tiger Woods – he definitely needs a job now that he has lost all his endorsements!

So readers, tell me your thoughts. Who is your dream Idol judge replacement? Here is another list if you need ideas. In all seriousness, I would actually go with Sharon Osbourne, she rocks and has an attitude at the appropriate times.

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