The Eminem, Lil Wayne “Drop the World” collaboration was leaked on the Web earlier today. The song features cold, dark lyrics by both artists, which may give insight into their troubled minds. Get the scoop about the artists and their new tune below.

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The precision in Marshall Mather’s flow impresses once again in this hot new track, which is off Weezy’s upcoming Rebirth album. While on the other hand, Wayne has a spoken-wordesque delivery for the beginning verses of the song. The contrast between the two-rap superstar’s styles, along with the spacey trance like beat make this a brilliant track.

The Fireman fires off these lyrics at the start of the song:

Blood in my eyes
Hate in my heart
Love on my mind
I seen nights full of pain
Days of the same

Afterwards, Em fires back these devious verses:

I’mma f****** around in this bi*** and roast everybody
Sleep on me,
that’s where you head’ll lay
Permanently, bi***
It’s beddy-bye
This world is my Easter egg
Prepare to die!

Ok…So here is the date that you should know if you call yourself a fan of hip-hop – December 21. Why? Because that’s the day both Em’s new album ‘Relapse: The Refill’, and Young Money’s first joint album ‘We Are Young Money’ will be released. It was also the day that ‘Rebirth’ was supposed to make its debut, but due to various reasons it has been delayed until sometime in February. And if the New Orleans native keeps with the current trend of postponing the album, I expect that it wont be this February either… but lets hope not.

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Please find pictures and the Eminem, Lil Wayne “Drop the World” video below.

Eminem 1 1 2 3 4Eminem 1 2 3 4Lil Wayne 1 1 2 3 4Lil Wayne 1 2 3 4

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