Ever since Kanye West disrupted Taylor Swift’s award speech at the VMA’s he’s pretty much been out of the scene. I mean, we might’ve seen him here and there but nothing like the media seeker we’ve all come to know and love. Hell, I haven’t seen much of his arm candy, Amber Rose, either. I’m guessing Kanye took some time off to think about his behavior and what steps he needed to take next in order to rectify his actions in the future.

But what the truth of the matter is, is that Kanye has been hard at work. In fact, he’s been working on a short film called “We Were Once A Fairytale“. Check it out below:

I’m going to take a stab at this and say that maybe Kanye was trying to portray his behavior in this video before he realized he was getting out of hand. I’m not sure though. I did peep a guest appearance by Fonzworth Bentley in there. Where the hell has he been lately? I haven’t seen Fonzworth since his show “From G’s To Gents“.