Carly Simon’s Starbucks lawsuit claims the label didn’t properly promote her new record. Now Carly Simon is suing, claiming Starbucks’ actions led to poor sales.

Carly Simon

Last year she was set to release “This Kind Of Love” on the coffee-chain owned label called Hear Music. The problems began a few days before the release, when according to the New York Times, the label began to “scale back” its promotion efforts. Sounds like they didn’t have their coffee that week!

The singer claims the alleged lack of promotion had a major impact on sales. The suit also alleges that the CD wasn’t abundantly available in a “substantial manner” at the coffee shop locations, and that the price was reduced.

The lawsuit states that by reducing the price “…Starbucks stigmatized Ms. Simon’s album as an album that could not be sold at full price.”

So what does Hear Music have to say about the suit? Well, a spokeswoman for Starbucks said they are “disappointed” to hear about it, and that they have “great respect” for the singer. The spokeswoman went on to say:

“…(the company) is hopeful that this matter can be resolved in an amicable manner.”

They aren’t buying the claim that it’s their fault her record sales were low, saying:

“Unfortunately, sales continued to lag as the title received tepid response from music consumers.”

Ouch. Tepid. So it seems like the company thinks the music was just bad!

I’m not sure whose side I’m on in this. I do have to say I’m glad the lawsuit isn’t over a hot cup of coffee spilled in Carly Simon’s lap! On the other hand, how silly is it to sue based upon the claim that reducing the price would somehow cause the consumer to think…”hmmm.. this album is priced a little low…the music must not be that good.” I mean, really? If anything, you’d think they would say “woohooo! This album by an artist I like is on sale!”

I’m just saying. What are your thoughts? Please let us hear it below.

Check out some photos and video of Carly Simon actually performing at a Starbucks.

Carly SimonCarly SimonCarly SimonCarly Simon

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