Dallas DJ Nate Quick is dead. It has been confirmed that well-known and popular DJ Nate Quick is dead from complications from his liver. KRNB FM out of Dallas, Texas is an urban adult modern radio station where DJ Nate Quick hosted shows from 9am-12pm daily, along with morning shows in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC.

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It is said that KRNB’s 105.7 program director and K104 FM’s marketing director, Nate Quick, allegedly suffered from complications of the liver and was hospitalized earlier in the week.

Nate was new to Dallas, TX but definitely not radio. Nate graduated at Clark Atlanta University and started with radio at WCLK 91.9 at CAU’s 24-hour campus radio station in Atlanta, GA. He hosted mornings in Atlanta, and Charlotte, NC at WPEG Power 98. Nate met radio experts Skip Murphy and The Wig. He says that they treated him like family and took him in and taught him what it was to be a great radio personality which what he learned he took with him into the present day. Nate did say that he loved to surround himself with the Dallas-Fort Worth KRNB family.

According to Bumpshack it says that No Limit Larry and Tone declared DJ Nate Quick dead publicly at 5:50 a.m. this morning on air sharing that Nate Quick was the greatest radio personality ever.

In reference to the death of DJ Nate Quick, he will leave his creative career path with those of radio behind, fans, and family behind but those who remember him are sharing their stories with these radio stations, go to: KRNB 105.7 and K104 FM.

Details on the funeral has not yet been confirmed.

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