Here is the official Colbie Caillat Fallin’ for You video. See photos, the music video and Colbie Caillat Fallin’ for You lyrics in support of the lead single from the pop singer-songwriter’s forthcoming sophomore studio album.

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The music video is in support of the official lead single from her forthcoming sophomore studio album, entitled Breakthrough, which will be released on August 25, 2009.

The Colbie Caillat Fallin’ for You lyrics and music were written by the singer-songwriter along with Rick Nowels, who also produced the track along with John Shanks, and Ken Caillat (her father, who also did production for Fleetwood Mac). quotes the singer-songwriter discussing the song:

“[It’s] about falling for a guy I was friends with. We went out on a date and I realized that there was no one else in the room. The room was silent, and I was on this high from it the next day and wrote this song.”

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat first rose to stardom with her popular MySpace page which then led to her international his single Bubbly which peaked at No. on the Billboard Hot 100, followed by her platinum-selling 2007 debut album, Coco.

Her highly anticipated sophomore album, Breakthrough, features a guest appearance on two tracks from celebrated guitarist David Becker. In a recent interview with Popeater she discussed the meaning of the title which she says refers to the breakthrough she herself experienced.

All my life I have had really bad stage fright and had been fighting with my insecurities that I had gained over the years from when I was a little girl. They were distracting me from living my life to the fullest and enjoying my career that was at my fingertips. So I decided to breakthrough all of those barricades I built around myself, take chances, accept new challenges and risks everyday, and not take myself to seriously anymore. I wanted to send this message out to all of my fans who have been going through life settling for less and letting their fears get in the way of their dreams.

Additionally, a week ahead of the release of her sophomore album Breakthrough, she makes a guest appearance in a comic book from the long-running Archie Comics series; Veronica # 196, which you can read about here. She appears as herself in the comic book and performs the single Fallin’ for You as a duet.

Here are the Colbie Caillat Fallin’ for You lyrics.

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colbie caillat colbie caillat colbie caillat colbie caillat colbie caillat colbie caillat

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