The Susan Boyle Newcastle video reveals the Scottish singing sensation in yet another stellar performance. See video, photos and find out more about the latest performance of the global star on June 17, 2009 on the Britain’s Got Talent Tour.

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The BGT second place finisher and internationally known 48-year-old singer from Blackburn, West Lothian sang for an enthusiastic audience at Newcastle Arena.

After her exciting return to her native Scotland for standout performances in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the singer was back in England, and wowing crowds once again according to The Scotsman. However, the newspaper goes on to quote her publicist Nicola Philips who forewarned that the singer may need to take more rest days in the coming days of the BGT tour.

We’ve not toured with her before so don’t know how many performances she can cope with. We are waiting for her to tell us when she needs a rest.”

According to a report in The Telegraph, the singer has signed a two-album record deal with Simon Cowell SyCo label reportedly worth £5 million. In an interview, Cowell expressed concerns about not putting the singer under too much pressure.

“I said to her family, “I’ll rip the contract up, you can have the contract back, no-one’s going to force her into the recording studio – I’ll do whatever Susan wants,” said Cowell, “And we’ve done what she wants us to do.”

The Susan Boyle Newcastle video reveals the singer performing her two songs for which she is known, I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Miserables and Memory from Cats; it is her initial performance of the former that brought her international fame.

UPDATE: While it was hoped that the Susan Boyle Liverpool performance on June 18 would be her next, that performance and the Cardiff performance were both canceled. Her spokeswoman said she was “sorry to all her fans”.

“She would love to be able to perform every single evening but she is aware of what she can and can’t do.”

It is not known when the singer will resume the BGT tour but the next scheduled stop on the tour is Nottingham on Saturday June 20.

More pictures and the Susan Boyle Newcastle video from June 17, 2009 below.

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