Here is the Eminem Bruno video. See photos, video and find out more about the strange event that took place at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on May 31, 2009.

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The MTV Movie Awards are no stranger to odd events, and each year one tunes in perhaps to see just what exactly will happen this time. This time, it was the presenter Sacha Baron Cohen in his character Bruno, the Austrian fashion journalist, and title character of the forthcoming movie descending from the ceiling wearing angel wings, a jockstrap and not much else and landing his bare bottom on top of Eminem giving the celebrated rapper an up-close view he clearly did not appreciate as the Eminem Bruno video below reveals.

Mayhem ensued as the live event, which unfolded at the MTV Movie Awards 2009 telecast with the audio removed, revealed apparent shouting and profanity and Eminem and some of his entourage leaving the auditorium (and not returning). The Eminem Bruno incident left the rapper looking clearly uncomfortable, if not angry. Speculation is widespread as to whether or not the incident was staged and/or whether Eminem was in on the joke. Here are photos of the event and even more photos can be seen here.

UPDATE: The show’s head writer, Scott Aukerman said that the event was staged. Read more about it here.

Eminem, in an exclusive interview with also confirmed that the prank was staged. Read the full interview here, in which Eminem says:

“I’m thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it. It had so many people going “nuts” so to speak. Everyone was blowing me up about it.”

The rapper who has recently returned to the music scene with a chart topping album, Relapse, performed two tracks from the album, We Made You and Crack a Bottle, prior to Eminem Bruno incident at the MTV Movie Awards which were hosted by SNL comedian Andy Samberg.

Almost lost in the momentary chaos was Zac Efron accepting his award for “Best Male Performance” for High School Musical 3: Senior Year which Bruno managed to announce under the very odd circumstances.

More photos and the Eminem Bruno video from the Eminem MTV Movie Awards on May 31, 2009 below.

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