Erin Hamilton has landed her remix of The Flame on the top of the dance charts! Get her biography here, with videos and photos after the jump.

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Erin Hamilton

Artist Erin Hamilton’s cover for The Flame has been remixed and re-released! Check it out after the jump.

Erin Hamilton Biography

Singer, Erin Kate Hamilton, is the baby out of eleven children! Her parents are none other than the very famous and hilarious Carol Burnett and Joe Hamilton. Growing up Erin watched her Mom aspiring to follow the actress’ path. Instead after deciding comedy and acting wasn’t her forte Erin chose to get into the music biz.

Finding her nich Erin Hamilton has been a part of two bands, As Is and Komba Kalla. After both bands went their separate ways Hamilton began focusing on her personal life. The singer tied the knot and started a family.

After splitting ways with her significant other Hamilton became involved in a new relationship. A relationship that would ultimately change her life forever. Hamilton began dating her girlfriend, Tanya Sanchez, who later killed herself in the performer’s home.

The unfortunate event lead to depression and a reported addiction, which Erin later kicked after her stint in rehab.

Erin is now making her way around the music circuit performing her dance tracks for music lovers. Things are looking up for the successful artist who is making a strong comeback.

Check out The Flame remixed after the jump.

More photos and a video of Erin Hamilton are below.

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Erin Hamilton Photos

Erin Hamilton Video

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