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June 30th, 2008

Amy Winehouse Punches Fan!

Singer Amy Winehouse is at it again! This time the British artist has attacked a fan and tells us what she really thinks of rapper Jay-Z and Kanye West. Check out the video and photos below.

amy winehouse 14
Amy Winehouse

Notorious for her out of control antics, “Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse is back in the news this Monday for her performance at the Glastonbury Music Festival over the weekend. The festival, which takes place in South West England, is held annually and features a variety of musical genres and acts. Winehouse, who opened for rapper Jay-Z, took leave of her current rehab schedule to perform music from her album “Back to Black” at the festival.

While on stage Winehouse continuously made reference to her still incarcerated hubby, Blake Fielder Civil, causing the crowd of 80,000 or so to boo and became irritated over her usual mourning state. On stage in a blue sequence dress Winehouse responded by saying “Don’t boo. I’ll find your phone and ring your mum and tell them about your bad manners. Manners cost you nothing.” Winehouse then proceeded to spit her gum at fans!

The troubled Brit then proceeded to insult her musical peers! “Jay-Z’s got some front to come here with tunes you don’t even remember”! After that remark Winehouse began talking about rapper Kanye West calling him a “c*ck”!

The good times really didn’t start until Winehouse punched a fan who reportedly tried to pull her hair! Check out the video, she didn’t even stop singing during the altercation! Now that’s talent!

For more photos of Amy Winehouse click below.

Photos and Video

June 29th, 2008
June 28th, 2008

Staind: Believe

Check out Staind’s new song titled “Believe”. The track is from their upcoming album, The Illusion of Progress, set to hit stores August 19th.

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June 28th, 2008

Heidiwood Fashion Line?!

“The Hills” drama queen, Heidi Montag, just launched her new clothesline titled “Heidiwood”. See photos and video below.

heidi montag 1

Heidi Montag

Crying seemed to be the general consensus for most of the population after hearing “Fashion” by Heidi Montag. And if you thought that was bad, “The Hills” star has also launched her new clothing line titled “Heidiwood”!

“If Heidi couldn’t make a buck doing it, Lauren truly doubts Heidi would be launch her own collection”, said a source close to the “Hills” star.

Montag, who could be Paris Hilton’s long lost sister, is trying her hand at anything and everything from a fashion line to singing. This past Thursday the reality star debuted her fashion line on “The View”. Her collection includes handbags, tees, jewelry, cotton dresses and clutches and has been created for girls ages 16-21. The new line is fairly inexpensive, ranging from $10-$60. This all comes of course with Spencer Pratt’s sincere approval!

For more photos and videos of Heidi Montag click below.

Photos and Videos

June 27th, 2008

Celine Dion Wins Worst Cover Ever!

The past has come back to haunt Celine Dion. After performing AC/DC’s song You Shook Me All Night Long back in 2002 at VH1’s ‘Divas Live’ Las Vegas concert, the singer has been crowned “Worst Cover Ever” by Total Guitar Magazine. Check it out. What do you think?

Celine Dion – Video
June 27th, 2008

Madonna And Guy Ritchie Call It Quits!

The rumor mill is running hot and heavy with a reported divorce between Madonna and Guy Ritchie. See photos and video below.

madonna guy ritchie 1
Madonna And Guy Ritchie

Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet but rumors that Madonna, queen of reinvention, and her director husband, Guy Ritchie, are headed to divorce court are still going strong! The couple, who have been married since 2000, have reportedly been facing rough times and have fallen out of love.

“Guy and Madonna are at breaking point and have both separately talked to lawyers. Their friends have not ruled out all hope but the situation is dire, to say the least,” cited an unnamed source.

The pair, who have two sons together as well as Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, have both apparently saught lawyers. Madonna is rumored to have hired on Paul McCartney’s former divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton while Guy Ritchie has reportedly hired on the London based firm Forsters. At this time both firms have denied their involvement. After tying the knot with out a pre-nup, Madonna and Guy are currently looking to amicably split their estimated $300 million fortune.

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June 27th, 2008

Lily Allen:Guess Who Batman?

Check out Lily Allen’s new song Guess Who Batman? The song was written about the British National Party!

Guess Who Batman?

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June 26th, 2008

Jessica Simpson On The View

Jessica Simpson stopped by to talk country on “The View” this past Wednesday. Check out photos and video below.

jessica simpson 1
Jessica Simpson

Singer Jessica Simpson hasn’t had it so easy in the Hollywood spotlight in recents years. The pop singer, who started young in the biz alongside stars like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, has hit a few snags on her way down the red carpet. From a newlywed on the small screen with former hubby Nick Lachey to recent reports of Simpson jinxing her now boyfriend Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, the country singer has managed to keep her head above water.

Finally traveling on her own steady pace the pop singer turned country, which she will show off on The View, seems to have found her niche. Simpson not only has a new lingerie line out but also wreaks the financial benefits of contracts with Proactive, shoe lines, accessories and even hair extensions as she continues to reinvent herself.

“I am a country girl. I grew up in Texas, and country music was what I listened to. I always wanted to wait until the time was right,” Simpson says.

Her latest album, where she trades in pop lyrics of love for some good only country melodies, has earned a new group of fans. Check out Simpson performing Come On Over on The View.

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June 26th, 2008

Thriving Ivory

Could the Thriving Ivory’s be the next Coldplay? Check out the five rock stars from California that plan to make it big with out the help of American idol!

Angels on the Moon

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June 25th, 2008

The White Tie Affair

Have you heard the latest creation to step out of the windy city? Check out the boys from The White Tie Affair! Pictures and video below.

The White Tie Affair

The White Tie Affair is the latest boy band of rockers ready to take the world by storm. Natives of Chicago and Indiana, the twenty somethings have signed a record deal with Epic. Similar to the likes of the boy band Fall Out Boy, The White Tie Affair are currently on tour in support of their album, Walk This Way.

The album, which was released in April includes two tracks, Allow Me To Introduce Myself…Mr. Right and Candles, which are currently grabbing its fair share of attention on the pages of You Tube. The band, a group of five, has two members , Chris and Sean P., who actually write their own songs. The group’s sound is a mix of pop and rock. Check it out below.

For more photos and video of The White Tie Affair click below.


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