Check out what Justin Timberlake had to say about himself! Photos and video after the jump.

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Justin Timberlake

Ladiesman, Justin Timberlake, who was recently said to be reuniting with his former flame, Britney Spears, recently divulged that he doesn’t like the sound of his own voice! The voice that has made him millions!

J.T. said “It’s painful for me to either watch or listen to myself. But even when you’re not fully satisfied with the outcome, that’s what makes you hungry. But there is gratification in the fact that you a. make people smile, b. make people dance, c. make people laugh or d. make people make babies.”

The Sexy Back singer and executive producer of “My Problem with Women”, due out this Fall, also shared a little about his experience behind the camera. “Acting is a totally different process than music. Music is a study in the romanticizing of human behavior,” he explained. “I have found that acting is like the un-romanticizing, that’s not a word, it is the opposite of the romantics of human behavior.”

I don’t think he’ll be hearing many complaints from the ladies!

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